BLET Division 848

S. Pekin, Illinois

2019 Division Meeting Schedule

December 5th, 2019  —  January 2nd, 2020  —  February 6th 2020  —  March 5th, 2020  —  April 2nd, 2020  —  May 7th, 2020  —  June 4th, 2020  —  July 2nd, 2020  —  August 6th, 2020  —  September 3rd, 2020  —  October 8th, 2020  —  November 5th, 2020  —  December 4th, 2020

Teamster Hall

1703 S. 2nd Street
Pekin, IL 61554
All meetings begin at 4:00 P.M.

Train Handling – Event Tapes

The Centralized Road Foreman’s office in Atlanta has announced that it is reviewing train handling in real-time using “Wireless Event Recorder Download”. The following is the key features of the technology that is now in place on Norfolk Southern: 1. All NS...

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New Regional Directors of Safety

The company now has regional directors of safety and their job is to go around and check rules compliance. During the 2 days they have been in Cle they are handling 4 employees. The following text will be of the rules violated. We need to make sure we are doing...

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