The Centralized Road Foreman’s office in Atlanta has announced that it is reviewing train handling in real-time using “Wireless Event Recorder Download”.

The following is the key features of the technology that is now in place on Norfolk Southern:

1. All NS locomotives equipped with wireless capabilities, the event recorder will automatically send the event recorder data every 15 minutes the engine is in operation (Not Shut Down).

2. The download will run through a filtering computer system dubbed – Achieve 2.0 and will review for events established by the Carrier on train handling issues.

3. The system will then notify the Centralized Roadforeman office to “validate” the data. If the validation is confirmed, the RFE desk will review the engineer’s discipline/train handling system and determine if coaching or corrective action is necessary.

4. If coaching, the desk will attempt to talk to the engineer and that conversation will be followed up by an email.

5. If corrective action is determined, the file and information will be forwarded to the district road foreman and regional road foreman for further handling

6. If Trip Optimizer is in use, the engineer will not be held responsible for train handling issues.

The following items are the triggering events the system is looking for:

1. Setting the air while stopped

2. Transition to/from power and dynamic

3. Emergency brake application – either train line induced or cab of the locomotive induced

4. Automatic brake use – (Stretch braking)

5. Speeding – Mostly this system will trigger in NON-PTC territories. PTC will have enforced in PTC territories

6. HUTA speeding cases

7. Throttle modulation